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Keystone Industries dedication to its customers has always been second to none since the company’s inception in 1908. Through the years, Keystone Industries has maintained a strong worldwide reputation for producing innovative, high-tech products in a number of different industries, including dental, cosmetic, and veterinary. They have acquired "The Makeup Company" in 2017. They currently do a lot of transitioning. They service indie brands with low MOQ, fast turn-around products. However, they don't have "white glove" assembly capacity. Overthere, they have 10ksqf production. At their NJ site, they have 250k sqf and they are replicating the lines so they can offer small and high run MOQ by late 1st quarter 2019. They have pharma manufacturing and ISO standard for their color cosmetics. All the standard are elevated due to the requirement from the pharma line. They make their own formulas and they invest a lot in research. They are synthesizing their polymers for Nail coating. They are currently testing their own mascara formula. They have added aerosol (e.g. dry shampoo) and tube filling to their offering. They also work on lip color with new polymers and double-side tape technology. They have air dry peel off polish. They have a connection to Chanel through their division in France. They do white glove kitting. "What is important to know here is that we manufacturer to ISO standards which cosmetic manufacturing doesn’t require but we have the same manufacturing practices for all of our products across the board as other divisions require ISO standards. The San Diego make up manufacturing facility specializes in small MOQ order manufacturing (Ideal for promo or limited launch runs) and we are scaling up manufacturing in NJ for larger MOQ business planning. " Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jx74eviows15yek/Keystone%20Industries%20Corporate%20%26%20Timeline%20Video%20FINAL.mp4?dl=0