Experience lightning-fast Quarterly Price Updates

With Ravacan collaboration and automation platform, buyers, suppliers and CMs work together efficiently with the same data.

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What Ravacan can do for you


Consolidate Demands

Ravacan does the heavy-lifting of consolidating part demands across several product lines, so you can share long-term forecasts with your suppliers. They get more visibility and in turn secure resources and discounts for you.


Expedite Price Updates

Ravacan removes the communication frictions between you, your suppliers and your contract manufacturers. Get your Quarterly Price Udpates done in a few days, instead of weeks, with best MOQs and allocation guaranteed.


Manage Product Costs

Ravacan helps you understand your product cost changes, so you design the best products possible. Collaborate with your contract manufacturers and turn PPV reconciliation effort into a memory of the past.

Key Features

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Consolidate Demands

Ravacan helps you make sure you always have a clean list of active part numbers by synchronizing with your engineering Bills of Materials. With or without add-on integration, Ravacan makes it easy to manage product lines, supplier allocation and get accurate monthly quantities for each supplier, part, and FATP location.

Expedite Price Updates

Put your Quarterly Price Update on auto-pilot by setting up a schedule and targets. Ravacan will automatically send requests to your suppliers and recommend the best Prices, MOQs, and lead times.

Manage Product Costs

Track and share price variances with your CMs and easily reconcile standard product costs with their quotes. Understands yourcost drivers and their evolution, and identify new opportunities.

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