Ravacan is a dynamic sourcing management platform with powerful automation, analytics, and real-time collaboration.

Ravacan Schema

What is spend intelligence?

Ravacan’s Spend Intelligence platform captures your sourcing data, crunches numbers, automates repetitive tasks, and delivers insights to help your team achieve more.

What is spend intelligence?

Cost Intelligence

    Understand cost drivers, discover saving opportunities, anticipate and mitigate cost increases.

Supply Intelligence

    Identify supply risks, optimize ROI, gain visibility over your supply chain.

Market Intelligence

    Know what’s going on in your market, improve supplier performance, and cooperation.

What does it look like?
Glad you asked

Accelerate negotiations

Ravacan maps your cost drivers, at the product level and for your total spend. It integrates seamlessly with your BOM and S&OP software. That way, you speed up your design and budgeting processes, and capture saving opportunities.

Secure your supply

Ravacan helps you plan your CAPEX, get capacity alerts, and connect with the suppliers you didn’t know you had.

Become a customer of choice

Create a safe space to collaborate with your suppliers and share strategic information effortlessly, such as demand forecast, business goals and innovation opportunities.

Made for manufacturing

Sourcing leaders

Feel more confident in your data while preparing negotiations, focus on what matters to you and your suppliers, leave the heavy lifting of sending reminders and crunching data to Ravacan.


Speed up your quoting process and get better visibility over your customer’s forecasts.


Save time by gaining visibility over your customer’s demands and approved prices. All stakeholders collaborate on Ravacan secured platform, so you don’t have to confirm prices with suppliers, accelerating considerably the PPV process.


Get insights over the structure of your spend, analyze cost drivers and anticipate what’s impacting your product profit margins.

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