Cost killing is dead.
Hello Value Engineering.

Ravacan gives you the tools to develop winning product development strategies in collaboration with your suppliers.

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What Ravacan can do for you


Cost Breakdowns

Turn reluctant suppliers into cost breakdown advocates with a solution that suits their business.



Turn your team into cost experts.


Supplier Collaboration

It does not help to squeeze out your supplier's margin. Get cost out of inefficiencies and wrong material selection or design. Leverage your supplier expertise to gain a competitive advantage.

How does it look like?
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Cost Breakdowns

With Ravacan, suppliers can create their own cost breakdowns, allowing them to share as many details as they want. In turn you can .


Ravacan helps you develop industry expertise by curating labor cost, machine rate, material cost comparison within your own dataset.

Supplier Collaboration

Work with your suppliers on VA/VE activities and design-to-cost strategies. Run scenarios on material change, machine

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