Supplier Tooling
on Auto-Pilot

Locate your supplier molds, dies, fixtures and other tooling. Track wear & tear and ensure optimum capacity utilization.

Ravacan Schema

What Ravacan can do for you


Track Wear & Tear

Get updates from suppliers directly on Ravacan. Anticipate end of life and refurbishments.


Plan Capacity

Monitor cycle times, scrap and outputs and compare it with your demand planning.


Budget CAPEX & ROI

Manage quotes, analyze ROI and budget your investments.

How does it look like?
Glad you asked

Track Wear & Tear

Capture your equipment information: location, condition, pictures, maintenance history. Ravacan help you identify weaknesses in your asset pool.

Plan Capacity

Import your demand forecast and Ravacan compares it with the capacity available, raising alerts if the set C/D ratio is below target.

Budget CAPEX & ROI

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to budget your investments. Gain visibility over historic and future spend categories.

Made for manufacturers

Injection / Blow Molding Commodity Managers

Feel more confident in your data while preparing negotiations, focus on what matters to you and your suppliers, leave the heavy lifting of sending reminders and crunching data to Ravacan.

Molders and Mold Manufacturers

Speed up reporting to your clients and get your quotes approved faster.


Protect your IP by tracking tooling localization and stage on Ravacan secured platform. Save time by gaining visibility over your multi-tier supply chain.


Generate CAPEX reports in a few seconds. Ravacan helps you plan you investment budget and mitigate supply disruption risks and expenses.

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