Inventory & Shortage Report

Keep track of deliveries and collaborate with your suppliers to resolve shortages.

Manage Your Inventory Board

Get a customized cloud inventory management system to manage inventory inhouse or at your suppliers. Be confident your schedule stays on track with a user-friendly dashboard that allows you and your suppliers to exchange information in real-time.

Stay Organized

Track your supply order progress at a glance, don’t miss any order requests, and visualize risks and delays. Anticipate shortages so you react right away when something goes wrong.

Track Shipments

Get quantity updates and dispatch confirmations from your suppliers with delivery dates. Buyers, Suppliers, and Contract Manufacturers share a common source of truth with the most up-to-date data.

Maximize Efficiency

Your department becomes a key contributor to the business's success rather than a bottleneck by ensuring that you handle shortages right away and that your supply orders arrive on time.

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