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Amidst COVID-19 supply disruptions, Molekule partners with Ravacan to manage their supply process.

Anne-Sophie Le Bloas

CEO of Ravacan

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Ravacan, a sourcing and supply software-as-a-service, announced that they have brought on Molekule, the leader in reinventing air purification, as a customer.

, a sourcing and supply software-as-a-service, announced that they have brought on , the leader in reinventing air purification, as a customer. The goal is to create a smart supply chain and to improve collaboration with their suppliers and Contract Manufacturers.

With the growing amount of supply chain disruptions, like the current coronavirus pandemic, Molekule needed to be in constant proactive communication with its supply base to ensure continuity and lower costs.

With Ravacan, Molekule was able to:

  • manage commercial terms with all its strategic suppliers with high efficiency.

  • get an automated and consolidated view of each supplier’s business, which in turn enabled them to negotiate quickly and efficiently.

  • stay aligned with suppliers on demand & lead times.

  • access meaningful supplier metrics, thus enabling them to best balance all of our resources & drive improvement.

“Ravacan is helping Molekule to efficiently scale our Supplier Sourcing team & reduce product costs.  We can now negotiate better pricing with component suppliers with a consolidated view of each supplier’s business and remain aligned on demand & lead times in real-time.  The effort involved to simultaneously manage Commercial terms with multiple suppliers and our Contract Manufacturers has become much more efficient. And through Ravacan Stats, we have increased our focus on the critical suppliers, and balanced our own resources.” said Mike Maloney, Global Supply Manager at Molekule.

“Ravacan enables our team to scale effectively by providing a platform for real-time supplier collaboration on-demand, product costs & lead times.  One of my favorite features is the interactive dashboard for procurement metrics because it helps shape our sourcing strategies, identify risk mitigations, and cost down roadmaps.” Stephanie Manda, Director of Supply Chain.

“We are very excited about our work with Molekule. Their air purifiers are improving the quality of indoor air for homes, enterprises, and healthcare facilities, which is especially important right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our ambition is to help OEMs preserve their profit margins by empowering their sourcing and supply managers and placing supplier collaboration at the center of their procurement process.” says Anne-Sophie Le Bloas, CEO of Ravacan.

Ravacan includes built-in support to help supply managers get started right away. With Ravacan, tech hardware companies can gain visibility over their direct spend and accelerate their procurement operations and New Product Introductions.

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