Ravacan designated as a top startup by The Startup Pill.

Anne-Sophie Le Bloas

CEO of Ravacan

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The Startup Pill recognizes Ravacan as the Number 1 Mechanical Engineering Startups To Follow In 2020.

As a hardware engineer, you want to build the best products and be faster than your competitors. It also means that you need to find the right partners to manufacture your components, and this is a tedious process. It's no wonder why many engineers see sourcing and procurement as a chore.

In fact, Industrial Sourcing does not benefit from the same multitude of productivity tools as Product Design, and let's face it, nobody likes doing dozens of copy-pastes, manage folder access, send individual emails with spreadsheets that they will eventually carefully merge to compare offers.

With Ravacan, Sourcing stops being the bottleneck. Our online tool helps industrial engineers and sourcing managers achieve more by automating low value-added tasks and giving them the clarity they deserve. It is precisely designed for hardware companies:

  1. Upload your manufacturing Bill of Materials into Ravacan

  2. Select the components you need to purchase

  3. Send Requests For Quotations and compare offers in the tool.

  4. Approve quotes and get an instant calculation of your total product cost.

We are very happy to have been recognized as the top Mechanical Engineering Startups To Follow In 2020 by The Startup Pill. View the full list here.

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