Supplier Demand Forecasts

Ravacan does the heavy-lifting of consolidating part demands across several product lines so that you can share long-term forecasts with your suppliers. They get more visibility and secure resources and discounts for you.

Demand visibility and planning confirmation

Suppliers need visibility over the upcoming demands to procure raw materials and plan their production. Giving them long-term demand forecasts will help the supply chain reduce shortages and disruptions.

Import your BOMs

By synchronizing Ravacan with your PLM or uploading your spreadsheets, Ravacan will automatically generate consolidated component demand forecasts based on your most up-to-date Bills of Materials. Keep up with ECOs and accurately schedule component forecasts.

Manage supplier allocation

Manage several sources simultaneously and balance supplier allocation depending on demands and capacity. Ravacan makes it easy to manage single and multiple sources and destinations.

Start sending consolidated demand forecasts now!

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