Manage Total Product Costs

Track and share price variances with your CMs and easily reconcile standard product costs with their quotes. Understands your cost drivers and their evolution, and identify new opportunities.

Expedite Price Updates

Put your Quarterly Price Update on auto-pilot by setting up a schedule and targets. Ravacan will automatically send requests to your suppliers and recommend the best Prices, MOQs, and lead times.

Keep up with spot-buys

Collaborate with your suppliers and CMs to agree on standard prices and track PPVs at the end of the quarter. Ravacan makes it easy to create reports on spot buys so you control your tier-one and tier-two spend.

Automated costed BOMs

We know how challenging it could be to keep track of product costs when you have many product lines and prices change all the time. Ravacan automates all the calculations, so you and your team have real-time data on costs and margins.

“Ravacan enables our team to scale effectively by providing a platform for real-time supplier collaboration on demand, product costs & lead times.”

Stephanie Manda | Director of Supply Chain, Molekule

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